Churches are made of people, not bricks and mortar, so when we want to tell someone what our church is like we want to be talking about people!

That means that we want to use images of people when we talk about our church.

We share photos and videos of church activities on this website, on Facebook, and in low-volume printed publicity.

Here are the rules we work by:

  • If you ask us to remove an image of you or a child in your care, we will do so as soon as we reasonably can. That’s true even if you have previously given consent for us to use the image.
  • At Tots, images of special events are often taken for use as news items. Parents and carers may request to be excluded from images either at the event or at a later time. Since the parents and carers are present, consent or otherwise is verbal.
  • At JAM, all children are registered with us when they first arrive. A welcome letter is handed to parents which explicitly says that images may be taken and used for church publicity, and they are invited to inform us if they wish their child to be excluded.
  • Some youngsters may turn up without their parents’ knowledge. Such youngsters might be included in group photographs, though remember that point 1 above always applies.
  • Some activities are held outside; images of groups in a public space (e.g. The Rake, Bromborough) may include people not intentionally part of the scene being captured.

As far as we can be aware, we will not put anyone at risk by publishing an image of them.