Meeting in person

Meeting in-person

Meeting in person is so important in so many ways! It’s great to be able to return to our building for activities and services, and we need to do it safely.


Obviously, everything we do to keep Covid-safe is subject to the Government’s guidelines. That means our procedures will change over time, depending on where we are in the roadmap.

We’re up and running with all our usual activities, such as Sunday services, Sunday Sparks, Knit2TOG, Friday Connections and Tots.

For those who can’t make it to the building, Sunday services are streamed on YouTube even when we’re meeting in person. You can find links to the videos on our Sunday page. If you are attending a Sunday service in person, please see below.

Sunday Services in person

Morning and evening services are both in-person and online. The following measures will be in place at the building:

  • Our basic rule of thumb is: “Don’t bring it in | Don’t pass it on | Respond quickly”.
  • Face coverings are recommended but not required. It’s up to you, and we graciously accept your choice.
  • Hand sanitisers are available at entry and exit to the building.
  • Singing isn’t without risk, so we’re keeping some distance between seats and maintaining good ventilation.
  • Children are always welcome, and we’d encourage children to enjoy our Sunday Sparks.
  • We celebrate the Lord’s Table (Communion) each month but again in a Covid-safe way. Instructions are given at each Lord’s Table service.
  • Tea & coffee are usually served after services.