Sermon index

Sermon index

Our sermon index is a great place to start to look up previous sermons. Since March 2020 we have published sermons on YouTube, organised using playlists to distinguish each series apart.

Still, it’s easier to have them split out so that’s what this sermon index aims to do.

Our most current sermons also have accompanying notes which some people find helpful. That way you can either watch the video or read the notes (or both).

If you’re looking for our live services you’ll find those on our Sunday page.

Current Series

Here’s the playlist for our current Sunday morning series and accompanying notes:

Cover image for the gospel of John, showing a glass of wine and a piece of bread

    Earlier Sermon Series by Bible book on YouTube

    Before we started uploading video to YouTube we used the excellent audio-only service CrossPreach. The links below will take you to the CrossPreach website to hear sermons, or you can use the CrossPreach app on your phone or tablet.

    Exodus – 17 sermons – CrossPreach audio

    1 Samuel – 6 sermons – CrossPreach audio

    2 Samuel – 10 sermons – CrossPreach audio

    Ruth – 4 sermons – YouTube Playlist

    Psalms 30-41 – YouTube Playlist

    Jeremiah – 14 sermons – YouTube Playlist

    Amos – 3 sermons – CrossPreach audio

    Jonah – 4 sermons – YouTube Playlist

    Cover image for sermon on Habakkuk
    Click to go to YouTube sermon
    Haggai feature image
    Click to go to YouTube Playlist

    Mark’s gospel – 5 sermons – CrossPreach audio

    Mark’s Gospel – 33 sermons starting from chapter 7 on YouTube Playlist

    Luke's gospel cover image
    Click to go to YouTube Playlist

    2 Corinthians – 15 sermons – CrossPreach audio (and here)

    Galatians – 8 sermons – CrossPreach audio

    Philippians – 8 sermons – CrossPreach audio (and here)

    Colossians – 13 sermons – YouTube Playlist (and here)

    Click to go to YouTube Playlist

    We have a series of short devotions going through Revelation chapter by chapter. Separately, there’s also a series of 3 sermons giving an overview of the whole book’s message:

    Revelation – 21 shorter talks – YouTube Playlist

    Topical sermon index

    2022 Motto Text

    Learning to meditate on the Bible: