Sunday Services Online and In Person

What to expect back at the building

Whether you’re looking for church services online or in-person you’re welcome to join us Sunday morning at 10:30, or for our online-only service at 4:30.

Our in-person services follow the latest Covid-Safe guidelines for those able to come and you’re welcome to join in as the service is streamed live online.

Whether you can be at the building or join in from home (or holiday!), it’s good that we can all worship at the same time.

In addition, we’ll be catching up on Zoom after the afternoon service. If you’re not sure about Zoom video calls, just click on the “Join us…” link and follow the instructions (using a ZOOM app on your mobile, or using your computer).

Sunday Morning – Online & in-person service

If you know anyone without access to the internet, the Sunday morning sermon is available as a recorded message by phone: Dial 0151 317 7978, and after a few seconds’ pause the playback will begin. Please note that this will always be one week behind, as it can’t be streamed live.

Join us for a Zoom coffee after the service

Sunday Evening – Online only service

Join us for a Zoom coffee after the service
Sunday Afternoon Coffee Time