June Update

Coronavirus June update

Date: 28th June 2020

We are delighted that the Government has been able to announce that churches can begin to reopen for services. However, there are a huge number of questions yet to be worked out in the detail to ensure that church buildings are “Covid safe” – not least in terms of public liability. Organisations such as the FIEC and Church of England are doing a great job of collaborating with Government officials to ensure that sufficiently detailed information will become available.

For these reasons, like most other Wirral Gospel Partnership churches we don’t expect to be opening in July so that we give ourselves plenty of time to take in all the new guidelines and develop safe processes for our specific situation.

So our conditions for return are unchanged from last month:

  • Government permission for public worship – now given.
  • Adherence to official restrictions for public worship (e.g. social distancing, limitations to singing) – still awaiting detail from the Government.
  • A fast internet connection to Matheson Hall to enable all worshippers to join together, whether at the Hall or at home – an order with Virgin Media is in progress.
  • A set of procedures already in place to ensure everyone’s safety – once the second point above is met, we’ll localise the information for our situation.

As for Tots, JAM, Cornerstone, Knit2TOG etc, the situation is as it was a month ago. You can read about them in our May update.