Christmas songs for Children – a musical nativity!

Looking for an Infant King

Looking for Christmas songs for children for a musical nativity? Here’s a complete retelling of the nativity through lovely songs and readings.

Biblically faithful.

Easy to learn and perform.

We’ve enjoyed singing these with our church children and every year in our local primary school.

There are 6 songs in different styles. As you sing them in order with readings in between you tell the whole Christmas story! More, the Christmas events are put in the context of Jesus’ whole life and mission with the last song, Fast Forward.

The video below has all the songs and readings for your musical nativity, with the first song coming back for a reprise at the end – which always goes down really well.

If you’d like to learn the songs, here are some teaching videos prepared for our local school to learn them online. There are three songs to learn in each video, and then there are consolidation videos.

These Christmas songs for children tell the nativity story with readings in between. It’s helpful to read from a modern English version as children usually find that easier. We recommend the New Living Translation or the New International Version as being ideal.